10 Sustainable Furniture Brands Redefining Home Decor

When purchasing eco-friendly home decor, it is essential that materials used in their production be nontoxic and eco-friendly. Consider opting for organically grown vegetable fibers, sustainably harvested wood and recycled metal to reduce your environmental footprint.

Many sustainable furniture brands place an emphasis on transparency and accountability, providing information to their consumers regarding their product’s environmental impacts and efforts to foster a circular economy and upcycle waste.


Objectry’s sleek architecturally aesthetic pieces are handcrafted using sustainable materials, making them the ideal addition to modern or minimal decor styles. Low VOC finishes do not off-gas, promoting healthy living spaces while helping reduce harmful air pollutants. Their durable designs also reduce frequent replacement needs reducing waste entering landfills.

Sustainable furniture brands typically focus on fair labor practices, making sure employees are paid fairly and treated with dignity. Some even carry certification from JUST to show they operate socially responsibly.

Delhi-based Objectry was established in 2015 with the purpose of exploring different techniques and experimenting with form and material. They combine traditional Indian craftsmanship with minimalist design elements in order to give everyday objects new life.


Mistiqa offers sustainable furniture that’s both durable and eco-friendly. Crafted with FSC-certified wood, nontoxic fabric that meets OEKO-TEX standards and recycled PET plastic, these pieces from Mistiqa feature durable construction while remaining eco-friendly.

This brand also prioritizes artisan well-being by providing fair wages and working conditions, planting one tree per piece of sustainable furniture sold, as well as offering extensive traceability information regarding their products, such as their sourcing practices and environmental certifications.

Other green home furniture brands emphasize craftsmanship and unique design to produce timeless yet stylish furnishings for their customers’ homes. They utilize eco-friendly materials like rattan (made from easily renewable species of palm trees) and wicker (woven from swamp grass or reed), among others, to craft seating, shelves, baskets and lampshades with aesthetic designs that also last over time.


Eco-friendly furniture brands such as MG12 use recycled materials to craft elegant pieces that combine functionality with aesthetics, while adhering to responsible sourcing practices. Their pieces use materials like rattan (a fast-growing plant that can be renewed) and bamboo, both known for having superior compressive and tensile strength.

This major furniture brand serves as proof that mass furniture companies can join in the sustainable movement, too. Established by two brothers, they offer sustainably sourced wood furniture like this FSC-certified acacia wood dining bench equipped with adjustable levelers to adjust for uneven surfaces.

Modular furniture from Restoration Hardware allows you to reconfigure and extend seating – making room makeovers much simpler without needing to buy new pieces. They even offer a Repair Don’t Replace program which lets you return old furniture for credit – keeping it out of landfills!


Opting for eco-friendly furniture can lessen your environmental footprint by choosing recycled or renewable materials. Furthermore, eco-friendly sustainable furniture helps keep indoor air clean by eliminating chemicals that release toxins into the atmosphere and by lasting longer; further limiting replacement needs and waste generation.

This brand creates functional pieces out of recycled and renewable materials such as reclaimed wood. Furthermore, they’re committed to ethical manufacturing processes and social responsibility initiatives such as worker wellbeing.

ZZ Driggs

When purchasing new furniture, choose nontoxic materials like organically grown vegetable fibers, bamboo, rattan and wicker that have been certified as Forest Stewardship Council-compliant to help minimize deforestation.

ZZ Driggs was established in 2014 as an online library offering sustainable contemporary and collectible furniture which can be rented or bought. Each heirloom-quality piece comes from independent designers with strict ethical and sustainability requirements.

Whitney Frances Falk is on a mission to reintroduce high-quality, long-term furniture made locally. She sources pieces from design studios as well as antique pieces – her goal being to help people live with furniture with an interesting history while creating jobs within the maker community.

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