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Choosing the Right Hob For Your Kitchen

Finding the ideal hob can make all the difference when it comes to improving your cooking experience and elevating the look of your kitchen. BORA hobs come equipped with features such as locking touch controls, dual zones and extra wide burners that enhance both performance and style in any setting.

These hobs can often be found on ceramic and induction hobs, and work by directly heating any induction-friendly pans before rapidly cooling when removed from the heat source.

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Selecting the ideal hob size is more than simply about space – it can improve your cooking experience, increase safety and elevate aesthetics in your kitchen. McCoy Mart offers an assortment of hobs in various sizes to help you find one suitable for your home.

Hobs with widths between 30-36 cm are great choices for compact living, typically providing two or three cooking zones. 60 cm hobs are often found in larger homes and feature four cooking zones while those 86 cm wide provide five.

EF Dual Flame Control Hobs feature a triple ring burner that can be adjusted to different heat settings; small rings for simmering and slow boiling can be set for simmering while larger ones for fast boiling or frying can be quickly adjusted as necessary for versatile cooking that blends beautifully into any kitchen countertop. These high-end designs also include safety shutoff features as well as special wok grates to protect children from burns or accidents during wok cooking sessions – features that come especially handy in families with young children.


Hobs come in various styles and designs to complement the aesthetic of any kitchen. A flush mount hob sits under your countertop with no visible controls or gas lines, creating a sleek and organized appearance.

Induction hobs employ electromagnetic induction technology to heat cookware directly, saving energy as none is lost from surrounding hob surfaces and quickly warming up as opposed to traditional gas or electric models.

Indictor lights and digital displays clearly display power levels and cooking settings to enhance user experience. Some hobs also come equipped with a boost feature which temporarily increases power output to speed up cooking time.

Look for hobs with flat surfaces to minimize scratches and staining, and clean regularly with damp cloth or sponge to avoid oil build-up or food particles or spills. When prepping meals use cutting boards with cutting boards or hot pads/baskets to keep hot cookware from damaging the countertop or hob cutout area.


Built-in hobs feature burners equipped with rings on which pots and pans rest, connected to a gas source which provides fuel. Modern built-in hobs may feature auto-ignition features which automatically start the burners without using lighter fluid or matches to start them up.

No matter your cooking preferences, different kinds of burners are available to meet them. Economy burners feature low to medium power suitable for simmering while semi rapid and rapid burners offer higher power ideal for boiling water. Finally, wok burners boast the highest output and are designed specifically to accommodate wider wok pans.

Some models feature extras like alarm systems and timers to help avoid food from burning in a safe kitchen environment, while others feature touch sensitive controls that work even with wet hands, making cleaning simpler. There’s even an array of finishes available, from ceramic glass, enamel, and stainless steel – as well as lock functions to stop children from activating the hob or changing its settings accidentally.


As families come together for Pancake Day and Valentine’s dinner celebrations in February, it is essential that they exercise caution in the kitchen to prevent accidental fires. Distraction while cooking is one of the primary causes of fire call-outs so ensure children are kept out of harm’s way as you cook as well as clearing away anything that could catch on fire from hobs and surfaces.

Search for models with smooth surfaces that wipe clean easily, child locks and residual heat indicators as well as those designed to fit flush against countertops for an aesthetically pleasing modern aesthetic.

Gas hobs offer immediate, direct heat with a large control panel featuring 4 or 6 burners for ultimate flexibility. Some models feature bridging zones which let two rings join together easily when accommodating larger cookware, making this ideal for Indian cuisine using griddles and grill pans. Furthermore, some models come equipped with boost functions that give added power when necessary such as boiling water quickly or quickly frying naan breads.

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