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Creative Solutions For Tiny Homes

Turning a small space into something suitable requires creative thinking and clever decorating. Whether you’re moving into a micro-loft apartment or downsizing to a tiny house, learn how to make small living areas work for your lifestyle.

Hooks can help organize your kitchen or bathroom to reduce clutter by hanging tools onto a pegboard, fastening cargo nets in cabinet doors to hold extra towels and toiletries, or staggering shelves to reduce visual overcrowding.

Wall-Mounted Light Fixtures

Utilize wall-mounted light fixtures to illuminate a room without taking up precious ceiling space. Choose LED sconces that are fashionable yet versatile; mount one pair over a mirror for indirect illumination and to add personalization and personal style into the bathroom environment.

Tucked under staircases, hidden drawers provide valuable storage without taking up floor space. This creative tiny home idea makes a great solution for keeping clothing and other items tidy without taking up valuable floor space in bedrooms or kitchens.

Before installing any new fixture, switch off power and carefully unplug any globes or shades from existing fixtures. Unplug them, splice the white fixture lead with white wire and connect grounds if necessary; finally secure the sconce box to wall with screws before running cable through hole in wall to switch and tightening its screw.

Under-Shelf Hooks

Small homes require creative storage solutions that maximize every available surface area – from vertical space under beds to pegboards for use as an office, here are a few smart strategies you can employ in making your tiny space the most cozy and functional living area possible.

Under-shelf hooks provide an efficient way of keeping essential kitchen utensils, dishtowels and more within easy reach without taking up counter space. Incorporating staggered shelves adds visual interest.

Make a bench with storage underneath your entryway the go-to spot for keys, hats and pet leashes to be dropped off quickly and conveniently. Wooden crates provide rustic yet practical storage solutions in any room of your tiny house; vintage suitcases make unique shelving units; while woven baskets can double up as versatile decor pieces!

Built-In Seating

Unmake the most of a small living room by adding an ingenious built-in bench seat that doubles as extra storage space. Wayfair offers benches and banquettes in various materials and sizes at prices that span $350 to $8,000.

Hide items you use less frequently such as camping gear or renovation tools under floor hatches. Tuck a pegboard into the wall of your garage to organize tools, or use one in the kitchen to hold bowls, mugs, and cooking utensils.

Create the illusion of taller space with painted wall features in Rudy Saunders’ apartment, as seen here. A bright color draws your eyes upward, giving a small room an impression of being larger.

Modular Furniture

As living in small spaces becomes increasingly prevalent, home furniture designers are developing modular options that adapt to your space. From sofas that transform into beds for movie night viewings to storage ottomans that double up as extra seating solutions – these creative designs for small homes will help maximize every inch of available floorspace.

Select lightweight modular furniture that can easily be reconfigured or moved around, with sleek designs to keep floor space free. Wall-mounted solutions such as shelving systems or desks may help free up floor space further; use ledges to hang framed art or decorative accents that draw the eye up and give your room the appearance of being larger.

Hidden Storage

Deliberately designing your tiny house to reduce clutter requires creative and eye-catching storage solutions that combine the functional with the decorative. From built-in drawer seating to recycling vintage suitcases, there are numerous DIY ideas available to keep your space organized.

Wall-mounted shelving can be an easy and affordable way to organize small spaces. Use tall bookshelves to store plants, decorative home decor items and clothing; or install kitchen shelves in order to hold cookware, dishes and other dining essentials.

Bedding or furniture offers another excellent method for hidden storage. A lift bed or Murphy bed can store spare linens, books or clothes. An old dresser or reclaimed wood table can even be transformed into an invisible desk that frees up floor space in your bedroom.

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