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Easy and Affordable Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

An attractive home’s curb appeal can make or break its chances of selling, and increasing it shouldn’t break the bank.

These easy and budget-friendly projects will transform the exterior of your house into something you can be proud to show off. From painting your door to planting trees, these easy DIY projects will transform its appearance.

1. Update Your Garage Door

Upgraded garage door systems are an effective and affordable way to increase curb appeal, impressing guests, potential buyers and yourself alike.

Enhance curb appeal with new driveways and walkways as part of an overall upgrade for curb appeal. Incorporate landscape lighting that makes your driveway safer and more visually appealing at night; wall sconces, downlighting or solar driveway lights may all work to further accentuate it.

2. Paint Your Front Door

Painting your door is one of the best value projects you can complete within a weekend, providing instant curb appeal at minimal expense. Just ensure to use high-quality paint that will stand up against weather.

New address numbers, an eye-catching front doormat and painted flower pots add flair to a home’s exterior. A straightforward DIY project could include building a simple trellis and training a vine onto it.

3. Add a Rug

An outdoor rug adds softness and encourages people to linger, creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance for the space. Select a hue that complements the exterior design of your house for optimal results.

Pressure washing your sidewalks, driveway, and porch is an inexpensive yet highly effective way to enhance curb appeal. Achieving that fresh look instantly elevates the exterior appearance of your home while remaining relatively straightforward for DIY-ers to complete themselves.

4. Add a Porch

If you have the space, installing a porch is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase curb appeal. A new porch could become the focal point of your home and a significant selling feature when selling to prospective buyers.

Add decorative house numbers to a planter, wall-mounted plaque, mailbox or any other visible surface for easy and cost-effective curb appeal. Select styles that complement both your door color and paint shades when making this decision.

5. Add a New Garage Door

Enhancing the curb appeal of your home can increase its value significantly; according to one study, boosting curb appeal could even raise its appraised sale price by as much as seven percent.

Painting your porch a different hue is an easy and cost-effective way to rejuvenate its appearance. Incorporating hanging planters will bring color into any entryway or stoop.

6. Power Wash Your Siding

Adding color with accent door or window shutters is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to increase curb appeal. House numbers or plaques near your entrance door are another cost-effective solution that will enhance its exterior.

Refreshing an uninspiring concrete walkway with new stone or paver borders is a quick, easy, and budget-friendly project. Planting flowers or vines on pergolas or trellises adds simple style and beauty to an entryway.

7. Update Your Hardware

Many homeowners don’t give enough thought to upgrading their mailbox when it comes to curb appeal, yet doing so can have a dramatic effect. A stylish mailbox can impress guests and potential buyers while being an inexpensive way to bolster your home’s exterior.

Maintain a tidy landscape to give your yard an attractive aesthetic. This includes clearing away kids’ toys, garden tools and coils of hose.

8. Landscape Lighting

Lighting can help emphasize unique architectural features like dormers, rockwork, pillars and landscaping elements to increase curb appeal of your home. They may also serve to illuminate front entry piers or lampposts enhancing safety and security in the process.

Landscape lighting requires an initial investment, but maintenance can be managed easily and cost effectively. Simply wipe down fixtures regularly to keep them gleaming clean, check fuses as needed, and trim overgrowth so as to prevent it from blocking your outdoor lighting system.

9. Plant Containers

Introduce planters of various sizes and colors into the mix for visual interest, filling them with lush greenery or vibrant flowers to complete the picture.

Landscape design that boasts premium curb appeal through all four seasons welcomes visitors into your home, drawing them in with graceful grasses such as “Sky Rocket,” vibrant geraniums and Supertunia Mini Vista petunias on walkways.

Fast-growing trees like this Snowdance Japanese Tree Lilac provide instantaneous color and visual impact.

10. Upgrade Your Front Door

Adding luxurious details to the front of your home can make it more inviting and set it apart from others. Try installing decorative molding around your doorframe for a striking architectural statement.

Keep your yard clutter-free to enhance curb appeal of the house, impress neighbors, guests and potential buyers with its beauty. A clean garden, walkway and driveway will impress both neighbors, guests and potential buyers.

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