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Home Improvement Trends for 2024

Homeowners are looking to create a comfortable retreat that reflects their style and is conscious of the environment. They are using renovation projects to add new functionality, eco-friendly choices and highly personalized designs.

To protect against wildfires, extreme wind and winter storms, homeowners are adding a variety of home hardening upgrades. They are also installing insulated windows, smart thermostats and tankless water heaters.

Multipurpose Rooms

If you have an extra room in your home that’s going to waste, turning it into a multipurpose space is one way to make the most out of it. Also known as flex rooms, they allow you to customize your home’s function and design to fit the needs of your family.

A key factor in creating a multipurpose space is having the right furniture. Look for pieces that can transform to accommodate different uses like a murphy bed, seating options with hidden storage or tables that fold away. Also consider smart storage solutions like appliance garages that can tuck away items and keep them out of sight.

In addition to creating a clean and organized workspace, it’s important to have a maintenance plan that includes storing items away promptly and doing a weekly deep cleaning of your multipurpose room to prevent clutter from building up. Following these simple steps will help you keep your space tidy and productive at all times.

Sustainable Design

As sustainability becomes a buzzword in all industries, homeowners are increasingly seeking eco-conscious renovation projects that reduce their home’s footprint and save them money. Petranick expects to see a focus on energy efficiency and sustainable materials in 2024.

“I predict a shift from industrial-looking renovations to warmer and contrasting colors and materials, shelving instead of built-ins, and using eco-friendly materials like reclaimed wood and cork,” says Cameron Johnson, founder and CEO at Nickson Living. In addition, he predicts an increased interest in adding storage spaces, especially to hallways and mudrooms.

Bostock also predicts a rise in installing stronger windows and better insulation to protect homes from severe weather incidents, such as high winds or extreme temperatures. He says these upgrades are not only wallet-friendly but could be lifesavers during power outages, keeping things like cell phones charged and helping aging or disabled residents stay safe and comfortable. This is particularly true if they live in an area with frequent natural disasters.

Eco-Friendly Materials

With environmental concerns on the rise, many homeowners are focused on incorporating sustainable choices into their remodel projects. Look for an increased interest in bamboo, recycled glass and reclaimed wood. You’ll also see a shift towards energy-efficient appliances and greener lighting options. Indoor greenery, including plant walls, is another way to bring the outdoors in.

Homeowners are also focusing on adding safety features to their homes as they age. This includes installing grab bars and walk-in showers, stairlifts, and motion-sensing lighting. These projects can make a home more comfortable for seniors and the disabled, while also increasing its value.

Despite a volatile economic landscape, homeowner sentiments are improving and remodeling projects should start to pick up steam in 2024. Staying ahead of the latest trends in home design and renovation can help homeowners improve their living spaces while embracing a style that’s both functional and reflective of their personal taste. To learn more about the top home improvement trends for 2024, contact a local professional today.

Smart Technology

Whether it’s energy-efficient smart windows, automated blinds, or a new intelligent doorbell, homeowners are looking for ways to improve their home’s functionality and convenience. Many smart remodeling trends combine cutting-edge technology with innovative design concepts to create a one-of-a-kind living space that reflects the homeowner’s personality and values.

Sustainability is also a priority for homeowners in 2024. The Plan Collection predicts that a growing number of homeowners will choose to install eco-friendly appliances, low-flow fixtures and tankless water heaters as part of their renovation projects.

Storage will remain a key trend as well, with the focus on stylish storage solutions like butler pantries to help homeowners stay organized and tidy. Additionally, Olsen says she’s seeing a shift away from stark white kitchens with high contrast in favor of warm and cozy color combinations that are more reflective of the home’s aesthetic.

Investing in a home renovation project can bring added value to your property and ensure that it stands out in the market, no matter the economic climate. Kane Builders can help you make the most of your current home’s potential with our expertise and exceptional craftsmanship.

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