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How to Install Tile Over a Wood Subfloor

When learning how to install tile over a wood subfloor, it is important to consider the difference in the thickness of the subfloor as well as your own skill level. When installing tile over a wood subfloor, you should always adhere the tile evenly to the subfloor and be aware that there may be some special considerations for wooden floors as well. In this article I will explore some of the different options available when considering the installation of tile over a wood floor.

You should be able to find tiles that will be suitable for most applications and will look like they would match the high quality flooring like maple or oak. Before you purchase any tiles, be sure that you have all the proper measurements of the subfloor. This will help you properly cut the tile before you begin your installation process.

The first step in installation is to apply a waterproof sealant to your wood floor. If your subfloor is made of a laminate type flooring, you can either use epoxy or polyurethane based sealants. These will give you a longer lasting finish and will allow you to remove the tile over a wood floor with ease.

If your subfloor is treated with wood stain, it is likely that you will not be able to install tile over a wood floor in its entirety. Depending on the type of wood stain, you may be able to sand the floor to remove any excess wood stain. After you sand the floor, you can then sand the tile lightly in preparation for laying it over the floor. As the tile is being laid, you want to ensure that the backing is smooth and flat. To do this, you can take the edges and sand them until they are smooth and flat.

Once the tile has been installed, you should now sand the subfloor back to its original finish and smoothness. You can also apply a coat of sealant to further protect your wood floor from moisture. Be careful that you do not overlap the tiles if you are using a large area of the tile.

When you learn how to install tile over a wood floor, it is important to remember that the job may require some additional tools for more detailed work. Some people prefer to hire a professional installer while others may choose to try to complete the task themselves. In this case, it is important to remember that you will need a saw, some basic equipment, a broom, a tape measure and a measuring tape. Once you learn the basics, it is quite possible to learn how to install tile over a wood floor on your own.

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