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Signs that You Need a Pool Pump Repair Service

Your swimming pool requires certain equipment to properly maintain its good swimming condition. The most important is the pool pump. It is often referred to as the heart of the pool. It functions by circulating the water in the pool and making sure that it is clean and healthy for everyone to enjoy. But this can of course be damaged over time. To make sure that your pool stays fit for swimming and to know when to call for pool equipment repair, you must watch out for these signs:

  1. Loud and unusual noises when the pool pump is turned on

Noises are common for pool pumps. However, when it is clogged or it is not able to draw enough water, it may not be properly working. Thus, you could expect loud and unusual noises as signs of a problem. Also, if it may be clogged, you will observe rattling. This can often happen if you installed a pool pump that is not the right size for your swimming pool. If you hear some screeching, this may mean that you need a pool pump repair focused on replacing the bearings.

  • Pool pump keeps shutting off or refuses to start

You surely need a pool pump repair when just by switching it on you encounter a problem. This problem includes your pool pump keeps shutting down and it refuses to start upon turning on. This typically means that the capacitator of the pump is damaged. Also, it is possible that there is an insufficient power supply, or the vents are clogged. Another possible reason for this to happen is that your pool equipment may be overheating, which causes it to shut down. Note that exposure to sunlight can contribute to the reasons why it is overheating. While this seems to be an easy fix, moving your pool pump cannot only be what you can do. You will need to check what damages the overheating process has caused your pump.

  • Not enough water cycles through the pool pump

Air leaks are common for a pool pump, which means that small ones do not typically impact how the equipment works. However, when your pool pump develops larger size air leaks, the circulation of the water will be more difficult for the pump. In which case, you might need a pool pump repair that may need to replace which parts are damaged. Also, your pool repair company may find something that is worn down or parts that are poorly fitting.

  • Water is leaking from the pool pump

You may need a pool equipment repair when you observe that water may be collecting around your pool pump. There must be a leak in your pool pump system, and it is not good. This leak may be damaging your pool pump or its parts. Ensure that the proper pool equipment repair is performed to your pool pump, you should hire a professional to fix the job such as  our company specializing in pool repair orlando. Also, you can determine if pool pump replacement is more ideal.

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