Tools Everyone Needs For Landscaping – A Tool List

The use of tools for gardening can be fun and easy or it can be an overwhelming task. Tools that can make things easier, such as a spade, digging stick, pruning shears and a good pair of boots are essential to a successful garden.

The first tool you will need to dig your soil is a spade. A spade can easily be bought for under fifty dollars. You should be able to dig a hole about six inches deep and up to two feet wide. To make the hole deeper, put another shovel or rake underneath to help you.

The next tool that you will need is a shovel to pick up the dirt and soil. If your soil has lots of clay or sand, you should consider using a wheelbarrow to move the soil around. The dirt, you pick up with a spade should always be fresh. It does not matter if it is from your lawn. If you do not clean the soil after you have used it, you are not using it correctly. Be sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully and do not use any fertilizer before you have finished using it.

The third tool is the pruning shears. You should get one with a shear length of about four inches. This can easily be accomplished by using your thumb and forefinger as a guide. Start at the top of the plants and work your way down. Try to keep your blades pointing in the direction of the plants. If you cannot reach their roots, use your fingertips. It is better to work the shear out towards the plant rather than towards the soil.

The last tool you will need for your landscaping is a pair of good quality boots. Your landscaping will require a lot of walking during the winter months. Your shoes should protect your feet. There is no reason to wear barefoot in the winter and you should be wearing a pair of shoes at all times. Some people wear socks, but that is not advised as it can cause your toes to get frostbite. A pair of boots is the best choice. They can be found for a reasonable price at any home improvement store and will be well worth the purchase in the long run.

By using the right tools, your garden will be a lot more enjoyable and you will enjoy a healthy garden. So the next time you are looking to improve your garden, start with a shovel and a spade!

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