Best Ideas To Enhance The Beauty Of Home Garden

One of the best ideas to enhance the beauty of your home garden is to plant herbs and vegetables. Herbs are not only useful for cooking, but also add colour and structure to your garden. Another good idea is to use repeating colour schemes, such as oranges and yellows. Orange plants include orange marigolds, nasturtiums and cosmos. Purple plants include alyssum, beetroot, geranium, petunia, and eggplant.

Plants that bloom in the winter are a great idea to add some unexpected color to your garden. In addition, if you want to create variety in your flowers, you can choose different types of the same color. This will keep your garden from being boring and add to its appeal. This way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – color and variety. You can use different flower types to create a garden that has the same color flowers in the spring and summer.

Container gardens can be a visually pleasing mess. Try planting plants that spill out a bit. For example, golden creeping Jenny spills out of a pot and onto the gravel below. Another container looks like a tea kettle, while another is a soft carpet of green that creeps towards a comfortable seating area. For a truly beautiful garden, try using a combination of plants and containers.

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