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10 Creative Ways to Maximize Small Living Spaces

Small space living can be challenging, but there are simple strategies you can employ to make it feel larger. From furniture selection and arrangement to wall color, these design solutions will help maximize your living room while elevating its style. Furniture that serves multiple functions is key to optimizing your space, from ottomans that provide […]

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Choosing the Right Hob For Your Kitchen

Finding the ideal hob can make all the difference when it comes to improving your cooking experience and elevating the look of your kitchen. BORA hobs come equipped with features such as locking touch controls, dual zones and extra wide burners that enhance both performance and style in any setting. These hobs can often be […]

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Introducing Kids to Gardening – Fun and Educational Activities For Young Gardeners

Children at this age are eager to explore nature‚Äôs surprises. They can go on insect, color, clover/shamrock and flower hunts. Provide them with easy-to-handle seeds and gardening tools and choose flowers and vegetables that grow quickly, like sweet peas or courgettes. They may also want to enter their produce and bouquets in the local fair. […]

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