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Kitchen Organization and Storage Solutions for a Clutter-Free Space

Kitchens tend to collect clutter quickly, so smart storage solutions are key in helping keep paper clutter at bay, corral to-go cups and shopping bags into a manageable heap, and quickly locate cooking pans you use regularly. Consider expandable drawer dividers which adapt to fit the unique dimensions of your space.

Maintaining an orderly and clean kitchen requires placing every item in its rightful spot. We’ve identified some of our favorites here.

1. Drawer Dividers

Drawer clutter is one of the primary culprits behind an disorganized home, so invest in drawer organizers to maintain order and cleanliness. Start by decluttering your space, clearing away items no longer needed or wanted. Next, categorize them for ease of accessing them: place similar utensils together while keeping small appliances (oven mitts or cooling racks) close so they’re easy to grab when necessary.

For deeper drawers, this top-rated pick from Container Store features adjustable dividers with easy installation – even for non-DIYers! Just dry fit each divider before installing it to ensure proper positioning and pencil marking perpendicular slat locations on each. Once complete, take off paper clips from dividers using pencil marks as guides before attaching them securely on drawer sides with paper clips using your pencil marks as guides.

These drawer dividers can be used not only in kitchen drawers but also home offices and workshops to follow the golden organizing rule of “a place for everything and everything in its place”. For an extra organized home, invest in clear drawer liners.

2. Bins

Storage bins help keep food items organized in your pantry, cabinet and fridge and reduce wasted or overpurchased products. By labeling or choosing opaque color containers that match your kitchen decor’s colors – or both – storage bins streamline cupboard space so ingredients are easy to locate. With high ratings for both durability and design these plastic organizers come in various sizes which make them great for snacks, ingredient boxes, produce, spices or any other need you might have!

Keep this in mind when storing less frequently used items, such as platters and extra place settings: you should consider placing these in a garage or pantry closet to prevent cluttering your main cabinets with them. Furthermore, if storing multiples of the same item (for example three 5-pound bags of flour), make sure that you know when each bag will be needed so as to not overbuy. For bulkier items like juice gallons or canned soups and vegetables you could try using drawer dividers for easier organization.

3. Hanging Baskets

When it comes to kitchen storage solutions, sometimes going up is the way to go. Installing shelves above cabinets can provide ample room for keeping bottles of olive oil, tea bags and other frequently-used condiments out of reach for children and pets while making them easily accessible during cooking sessions.

Just like filing cabinets, orphan file holders make for convenient upright kitchen storage of things such as aluminum foil, parchment paper and ziplock bags. By labeling sections on your file holder with appropriate names for these supplies after each use, everyone in your household can quickly locate and return them where they belong after using them.

Consider your kitchen as three distinct zones: meal prep and cooking equipment, food storage (pantry and refrigerator) and serving pieces for holidays or events. By keeping like items together close to where they’re used will save both steps and time – plus it’s wise to take stock of when your appliances were last used!

4. To-Do Lists

Kitchen counters can quickly become the hub for everything – mail, keys, kids’ toys, purses and the never-ending pile of junk that accumulates therein. By employing some simple kitchen organization strategies and storage solutions you can transform them back into functional workspaces once again.

If appliances must remain on your countertop, such as your coffee or toaster maker, consider alternative locations that still provide convenient use while remaining hidden from view – such as base cabinets or above your refrigerator. You could also install pantry door organizers for ladles and potato mashers or floating shelves to store bulkier items.

At its core, the key to getting and staying organized in your kitchen lies in cultivating habits and routines that create an inviting space where it’s pleasant to use daily. Here’s 13 high-impact strategies to help declutter both home and kitchen!

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